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Feedback on boot (Mojave, Presonus 1810c, pedal as Aux send)

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:13 am
by nikjewell
I've bought my first 'big' audio interface, the Presonus 1810c, and have successfully cabled it on Windows 10 to use a couple of line level pedals (Night Sky & Microcosm) as effect sends (using line out, line in, and DAW routing). All fine and dandy.

I then connected exactly the same setup to my 2015 iMac. This results in an instant feedback loop as soon as the USB cable is plugged into my Mac. Even more striking is that if I reboot the Mac, the feedback starts DURING boot, before the white line is a third of the way across the screen.

What elementary error am I committing here, because I am completely stumped? Thanks.