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Saving -[Backup/Restore] - Universal Control

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 12:06 am
by damienleebenoit
I have more situations than I really want to get deeper into where I have had the "RESET" button pressed on my Universal Control app. I have a Studio 1810c and have to go to the app alot doing movement of where my audio is going and whats muted or not. So, like Studio One and really most apps I spend alot of time in and want to get things done faster, I set special colors for certain things to take actions at a quicker glance. So its hell and usually takes me atleast 10 minutes to relabel and recolor and then mute and link all the channels and 3 times for the 3 stereo outs. I have taken a screen shot just incase im not making any sense.

Can I save a configuration I make for all things in Universal Control and recall that just incase the reset button (which is in the worse place for dodging it) gets pressed? {Pointed at in red}

Also as a side note, what are the swap arrows that I have pointed to in Yellow actually do?

Mixer settings.jpg