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Good day,

I'm having trouble running Studio One 4 using my Studio 2|6c on a HP Omen 15 dc0975nd. When I'm using the native Presonus Studio USB drivers the playback is incredibly slow, heavily distorted and crackling / filled with artifacts. I'm able to run a project with 100 / 200 tracks including heavy instruments like Kontakt and Serum easily on the Windows Audio drivers without the artifacts, but this doesn't allow me to use external inputs such as a keyboard without heavy latency issues.

Even when I'm putting the buffer size all the way to the max this issue occurs in even my lighter projects while the project runs absolutely fine using the Windows Audio drivers. There really seems to be something going wrong under the hood.

Surprisingly I've had this exact same issue before with my previous Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen card. I thought that interface was broken so I bought the Presonus card. When the problem wasn't resolved with this new card I tried to reinstall Windows but it still didn't resolve the issue.

Now I've read that this issue occurs because a Windows 10 update over a year ago ruined the communication between the audio interface and Windows which if I remember correctly is also the time when the problem started. This belief is strengthened after I switched my HDD to a different laptop, an ASUS ROG Strix and the problem still wasn't resolved even though it was a completely different system.

Is there anybody who knows what's up and can help? I've updated all the drivers, running on a fresh install of Windows 10.


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