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I'm a new Studio One user.
I'm running Windows 8.1 on a solid machine. I am currently using Firestudio Project which I am very happy with, but it's a loan from a friend. I don't like borrowing, so I need to get another interface.

I like the firewire low to no latency...a lot! But there's no future for FW.

The Studio 68c caught my eye as a viable replacement but I have a couple questions:
Will Studio 68c work well with USB 3.0? And How's the latency?

If it's not going to work as well as Firestudio, then is there a presonus product that will? With USB 3.0?

Any and all help welcome! :0)
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by darrenporter1 on Sun May 10, 2020 6:04 pm
The 68c should perform fine. It's not going to be the lowest-latency thing on the planet, but unless you are one of the rare people who are EXTREMELY sensitive to latency it will do great for you.

USB 3.0 actually doesn't bring anything extra to the table as far as digital audio goes. USB 2.0 has way more than enough bandwidth to handle well beyond the capabilities of the 68c (which is still USB 2.0 by the way.)

Something to consider since you haven't purchased yet... you can still find some of the older "silver case" models out there - brand new in the unopened box. B&H and Amazon are two places you can find them. They are in every way identical to the new "black case" models except the only difference being the USB-C connector and the color of the case. Can save some significant money there, or even step-up to an 1810 for the same or less than a black 68c. Both still operate on USB 2.0.

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