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cue mix, monitoring, low Z 1824c

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:14 pm
by scottvanderlugt
so Ive been fighting with this for awhile now, done many different things to get to work the way i need to but i feel something is still wrong...
so I have 1824c outputs 1/2 Main & HP1, 3/4 Vocal Booth & HP2. I get the cue mixes to work correctly but when i setup to record with a preroll. either you cant hear what was recorded before it clicks in to rec, or you can hear but when you start recording you get the doubled sound from software and hardware monitoring. now i can get it to work by using UC mixer on, uncheck monitor box on channel strip in StOne, have native low latencey instead of hardware checked, so vocalist hears the recorded part and then click the monitor box on channel strip to record them in low latencey. this doesnt seam right to me. you would think it would do it itself or am i complicating this , some one please help!!!!