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I choose the Presonus outputs 1/2 as my system wide sound output
in the sound control panel in Windows 10. Reaper is working fine
and as expected with this interface. Now, when I try to get sound
out of my browser, as with youtube say, the videos play at strange
speeds or not at all and I get no sound. Oddly, if I open Reaper
(which I've so fare configured not to use outs 1/2) suddenly everything
works like gold in the browser. I can play youtube videos etc. and
the audio is fine. While something is playing however, if I close
Reaper, the sound from the browser stops and the videos go back to
undefined speeds.

What up?
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by rootbeer4meandu on Fri Dec 13, 2019 9:57 am
I also have this problem. No playback at all of any sound after switching to Main Out in Windows. Can't find a fix anywhere and I haven't been able to figure out this problem myself either.

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