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I'm doing some guitar re-amping for the first time, but running into one problem. An awful feedback in the headphones.

My setup:
Studio One 4.5 on Windows 10 with Studio 26c as audio device, Line 6 HD500 multi-effects and amp simulator.

My routing:
Well-recorded dry mono track in Studio One, running out to Line 3 on the 26c, out through a Reamp Pro-RMP, then to the guitar input on my Line 6 HD500. 2 mono cables (outputs set to line level) returning to the 25c Line ins 1/2 (set to expect line level).

I checked the sound coming out of the HD500 using the headphone outs and it sounds great. Levels getting from the computer to the HD500 and back out are good. But when I listen to the incoming signal from the headphone outs on the 26c, any quiet parts (or when I hit stop on the DAW or palm mute the strings) get filled with a single awful feedback tone.

The front buttons are set this way:
48V - OFF
Line - ON
Mon - ON
Line in 1/2 gain knobs are at about 40%

I can't figure out where the loop would be, or what else I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?

If it's any help, another weird thing is happening: audio from the computer (notification beeps etc) isnt heard if the cables from the HD500 aren't plugged into the Line ins on the 26c.
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by matthewgorman on Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:44 am
Turn off the blue monitor button for the return channels?


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