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Studio 18/24 used with pro tools 2018 software.

I am getting awful stuttering / crackling whenever i scroll a window or change between views, even moving the mouse fast creates this problem. It is not exclusive to pro tools either, sometimes does it when using youtube when listening to audio output.

Already tried rolling back Nvidia drivers (no joy with earliest versions i could find. GTX660 btw) and disabling CDROM in device manager (helped for a while but back today with a vengeance.

Any ideas??
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by Benoni on Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:12 pm
Pro Tools can be fickle.

First, set the sound source for Windows/Mac to something other than the PreSonus interface, like the internal RealTek driver. Restart, and try PT again.

If it all works, you can try setting the PreSonus as the sound source for your PC again.

You should also go into the Sound properties for each device on your computer and switch to 24 bit 48k. Yo may need to uncheck Exclusive Mode as well.


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