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Studio 26C (USB-C) and UC Surface

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:39 pm
by donaldbowsher
Hi! Just unboxed my shiny new Studio 26c interface. Should you be able to use UC Surface to setup your monitor mix (I know there are only 2 inputs, but still...)?

The manual recommends that you put the Universal Control icon in the dock (Mac OS) so you can run UC Surface, but when I click on the 26c interface in Universal Control it does nothing.

Not a deal killer for me, but if UC Surface could be used on this interface it could become a great back-up/spare for live use. Without UC Surface, I can always use some other host (Logic or MainStage, for example) - but would be nice to use UC Surface and not have to route mics through a host.

Anyone know if UC Surface worked on other USB interfaces before? Maybe it is coming at some future point?

Other than the UC Surface question, so far so good with the 26c.