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Finally i got my presonus working as a ADAT 8 channel expansion connected to a Tascam US-20*20.
I thought all would be fine now but now i discovered about a 110ms delayed output from the presonus compared to the tascam.
I want to use these interfaces for a analog mixdown on a mixing console and i need about 20 output channels.
I am not talking about latency in a way of recording or CPU load, its simple that the presonus has a delayed output.
Is this normal ? what to do ?
110ms delayed output is totally insane and i cant compensate for it, cubase lets me only compensate for at most 100ms in midi.
Should i replace the prosonus ?
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by albertoost on Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:49 pm
Today i connected the presonus to a second Laptop so it could work with his own asio driver, but stil i have a delay of 100ms.
I just opened cubase and loaded the asio driver, nothing more, no in or outputs selected.
I think the prosonus is more stabile in this way, when i connected it together with the other interface on my DAW sometimes i had connection problems, maybe because he had not the right asio driver

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