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So I had been suffering from digital noise from my pc leaking onto my studio monitors whenever I connected the usb cable. If I moved windows or loaded webpages or simply downloaded an update I would get a very low level but annoying digital noise.

I tried different cables, putting the monitors on different power outlets and even clip on ferrite beads on the usb cable or audio outputs

Finally found the ifi idefender3.0 usb ground loop breaker and bingo!!! No more crunchy noise


I have a new Studiolive III 32 input board. I had the same issue on my older AI board but just lived with it.

I tried an 18ch capture this morning with the idefender in place and no problems at all. Playback from capture was flawless too

I guess my windows pc has a crappy noisy supply

I highly recommend the idefender. Only $49

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