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I have an old boss br1180 digital studio/mixer that contains a lot of songs that I recorded many years ago. Because the br1180 has no usb port the only way to transfer these recordings onto the computer is to record them in real time using a DAW.

The only output on the br1180 is rca so I'm currently using rca to 6.3 jack adapters plugged into each of the two line inputs. The sound is clear but it's in mono.

I've read several times that this kind of setup should produce a stereo sound but it's not happening for me.

Does anyone know how to record the line level inputs in stereo please?
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by SwitchBack on Tue May 23, 2023 5:12 am
Which app are you using on your computer for recording the inputs?

The 24c will send the two inputs as two separate channels to the computer. In your recording app you'll have to decide if those are two mono inputs (which will produce two mono tracks) or one stereo input (for one stereo track). To monitor the recording the mixer knob on the interface must be fully turned to the computer's return signal. Turning it the other way will probably produce a low latency mono signal (as for say a voice and a guitar).

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