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Yesterday I've got a Studio1824c and after installing everything (drivers, Universal Contro and Studio One 5 i have a massive problem with Cubase Pro 11.
Until yesterday everything with sound runs fine on my Windows 10 Pro (16 GB RAM, 64-bit Windows). I had no latency in playback and recording and also no ressource problems at RAM and Power.

And now a few questions:
* When no DAW is opened I can playback any audio e.g. with VLC and sound is fine. When I put on my headphones (Phone 1) and plug in a Mic at Input 5 I cannot hear any sound from the microphone but I see a gain signal at the display of the device. In Universal Control (Firmware 2.51, App-Version: on the bottom display I also see a peak at chanel 5 but with latency. But funny there is no Channel 5 fader!

* Pushing the main fader up and down does not effect the volume in my phones nor the speaker.

* When I activate the Monitor-Button in a Cubase-Track, which is routed with the Microphone, I can hear what my Mic hears but with a very high latency. Changing Buffer Size for ASIO does not fix the latency anyway. When I switch to ASIO4All, I just have four Inputs and not the Inputs that are available at the Audio Interface.

* When I use Studio One 5, there is no latency and the fades in Universal Control also work. So that is, what I want it to do in Windows and Cubase.

Do you have some Ideas which help?

Thank you,
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by ricardofranco3 on Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:05 pm
I also just purchased a Studio 1824c. I'm having problems with getting any audio out of it. I also installed the "Studio USB Driver" from the Universal Control app. (Assuming that's the correct one to install). I installed everything even before I plugged in the Audio Interface. Once I plugged and powered on the unit, my windows makes a notification sound that something was connected. When I go to my sound inputs, I can see all the Presonus Studio 1824c channels. I plugged in my headphones directly into the 1824c and plugged my monitors using the Main L + R out at the back of the unit. When I try to play audio using Line 1&2, I don't hear anything at all. I uninstalled Universal Control and tried the entire process again and I still don't hear anything. I only saw one video on YouTube where the person was using the same unit and they used the "Studio USB Driver" and all went well for them. When you go to the support page in the Presonus website, you have to open a ticket to contact them🤷
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by afredohernandez on Tue May 10, 2022 6:24 pm
Some one in Presonus is trying to help me with the lots and lots of Clicks and Pops I have with the old version, the 1824 Studio. I am already feeling terrible that the people producing these hardware and (so as I already read and feel) the bad drivers these interfaces use! If I already installed another Interface (Motu 829MK III) to test If I get the same problems, I discovered, no noises at all, all working fine! It is clear that it is not my RYZEN PC as I have been said but the Presonus Hardware or the drivers itself. I am very tired, I could say, dead tired of noticing that my questions are not answered and they are manipulated with new type of new ideas and plans for me to keep me busy but wasting my time and limiting me to produce music! Dean has been very nice and friendly to me, for that I am thankful but, if you are one of the producers members of Presonuss and you have so much indications from me and all the tests, videos, files, etc sent, it was already time to tell me, it seems you interface is broken, or the drivers are not good enough! They must know this better than all of us, they make them! The problem is, I am having these problems from day one since I bought the Interface in Thomann.de. I feel shitted and lied from Thomann.de and that is why I feel angry, disappointing and more, for having wasted so much time on this interface making me crazy and mad! There is no reason to keep a broken product attached to the buyer instead of helping him/her to get rid of the madness! for someone like me selecting Prosonus as my main Interface, it is like, NO BODY CARES ABOUT THAT! But Dean, Thank you for your time, I appreciate it! I don't feel good,

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