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Hey, I just bought the 24c and have noticed both gain knobs working very unusually.

The signal is very low, until I turn it up to full, where it suddenly jumps up to a much higher gain with lots of noise. I've included a sound clip of a constant sine wave playing while I turn up and down the gain.

This happens on both channels, for both XLR (using an AT2020) and line input, and when phantom power is on and off. Has anyone experienced something similar? Not sure whether I'm missing something or if it's a fault.

24c Troubleshooting.wav
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by aviblum on Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:43 am
I'm experiencing the same issue. I've never had a pot that worked like this. It could be the pot itself or the preamp, I don't know which as it's not my field of expertise. Just know it's different and unlike others I've used in the past.

Hoping for some updates...

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