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I have a studio 2|6 interface, a PC and a Rode NTK microphone.

I've been having a problem which I don't know how to solve. The signal that comes out of the interface has most of the times all the peaks cut, the recorded soundwave has flat tops and bottoms. The level never gets over 0db, it's not that, it's simply that the interface cuts the signal, I don't know why.

I've found that if I put both the mic gain and the master gain more or less in the middle, I don't have cut peaks, but the signal is a little bit too low. But if I raise my mic's gain or the master gain to make it more robust... peaks cut. :(

Could you help me? Thanks a lot!!
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by darrenporter1 on Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:31 pm
you want to record so your average input levels (look at the input channel, not the mixer channel) around -12dB, peaks no higher than -6dB. If it's too quiet coming out of your headphones or monitors, then turn your headphone/interface level up, NOT your input signals.

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by pablomanzano on Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:29 am
Thanks a lot, Darren! That's very helpful.

So if I understand it correctly, the interface mic gain has to be adjusted so that the peaks never surpass -6db. Could you elaborate on why is that needed? Could I raise the interface master gain, if I keep under -6db the mic gain?

Thanks a lot, buddy!

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