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Recently i bought a Presonus Studio2/6 because i use Studio one Pro, Notion and a faderport8.
Everytime when i use too software programs ,like Studio one and Guitarpro ore another program at the same time. When i change from one too another program studio2/6crashes and all the audio freezes.
With my other two soundcards, my Roland quad capure and my Focusrite 2I4 everything works fine.No problem at all.It looks like a driver problem!
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by jpettit on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:57 am
Please put your specs in your signature. See mine for a link.
Let me assume you are on Windows.
Verify that all your playback and Record devices are set to the same Sample rate.
Then re-run a test while watching the UC Window to see if/when a sample rate might be switching on you.

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