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I have SC that I use to connect my mic/instrument/line to my AB1818VSL (SC TRS out to Ch3 of AB1818VSL line level)

Since SC is mounted on a rack, it is a pain to have access to the back every time I need to connect a XLR mic or TRS line (lucky instrument is at the front).

So I have a patch panel bringing both XLR and TRS inputs to the front, but here is my problem...

When you have TRS input connected, the XLR input is disconnected! (I guess so that you cannot connect different impedance sources at the same time) So my patch panel is useless, as I still have to access the back and disconnect the TRS input to be able to use the XLR input.

Has anyone have come up with better access solution to this?

P.S. One solution I have come up with is to record the audio directly into AB1818VSL, then use Pipeline VST in Studio One to output the track (CH3 out) to TRS input of SC and back into AB1818VSL (CH3), but this is not always practical and I sometimes like to shape the audio before recording the track in Studio One.

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