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Understanding no receipt no warranty but a question. My guilt was allowing someone to pick up the equipment while playing in Tn, Nc, Va, came back, got paid, left leaving no receipt. Took another job. I get it.

I was turned down flat for help on why the unit will not power on, using several power cords.

Here is my question. As I know nothing, why can't the serial number be traced backward to determine where it was obtained? Good or bad it had to come from somewhere and it is brand new with everything in the box on my desk.

If purchased from a store, reseller, or other it had to be purchased at some location. Why is a serial number so important but can't be used to backtrack a piece of equipment such as the PreSonus Studio Channel Tube Channel Strip, to determine history? I am simply trying to figure something out.

1 way - I lose what I paid, hire a repair tech approved byt Personus,very costly and could end up with hundreds over retail with no warranty.
2nd way I toss it losing what I paid for it, starting over, and still adding the two costs together - I am paying twice for one piece of equipment.

Why with the serial number can I at least know what happened, a chain of ownership if there was one, sold at retail, online or other?

Could use some help as I have no idea what to do but as someone who just purchased Studio One Pro and the 1824C I am feeling screwed on all fronts. Any thoughts? I did the honest thing, telling them the story or the mistake - and what I ended up with is a total shut down that I can't process.
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by BobF on Fri Sep 09, 2022 6:04 pm
Not with Presonus, but with other retailers in the past, I've contacted the retailer and obtained a duplicate receipt.

Maybe whoever you purchased from can gen up another receipt for you.


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by Tacman7 on Sat Sep 10, 2022 2:40 pm
Hi, Bill, I sent a message but I repeated it here.

Hi, we put your post where it should be seen by the right people.


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