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Back Line in / Pipelining / Front Line In Issues

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:46 am
by normen
Hello Guys,
Maybe one of you have a clever idea.
Currently im using my Studio Channel as a Pipeline in Studio One 4 where i connected the:

OUTPUT 3 of my Presonus Firestudio to the BACK LINE IN of my Studio Channel
OUTPUT the BACK LINE OUT of my StudioChannel to the INPUT 3 of my Presonus Firestudio.
This setup then - with the use of the Pipeline Plugin - affects the Sound of my Stuff as i can check out various settings and sounds with my Studio Channel - Fine sofar.

But the Moment, i plugged in a TSR Cable into my BACK Line in of my Studio Channel,
the FRONT Line in gets muted.
The entire setup is built into a Rack, so opening the rack and plug in/out the Back line in cable, just to use the front one is not working at all.

Does anybody of you know how i can use BOTH LINE IN (FRONT & BACK) at the same time in my Studio Channel?

Thanks for any hint or tip.