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I have two Presonus Studio Channels, which I connect to the line inputs on the back of my RME Fireface 800. I feel these are okay and get the job done, but obviously don't compare to the RME preamps or those in my Apogee Duet. This got me thinking... I may soon be in the market for a more high-end channel strip. My maximum budget would be £250 on eBay for each unit.

I have considered the Presonus Eureka; some of this "legacy" gear seems to be incredibly well build, with a more premium look (and price tag) in its day. I was particularly impressed by the Presonus Eureka video where they track drums in Fudge Recording Studio's, New Orleans.

Bottom Line:
I would like to know whether the Presonus Eureka offers a better sound quality than the Studio Channel? I suspect the Eureka is a definitive preamp, but have never owned/used one before. I know this has been posted on the Presonus Forums previously, however no one commented on the sound quality of the Eureka compared to the Studio Channel. Is there a large difference?

Is the older gear really more high end? Or is this an illusion? Have Presonus delivered an improved channel strip at a lower cost by only reducing the cost of the aesthetics, rather than the internal components?

Does anyone on here own both, or have experience of each? If so, I'd really appreciate hearing your opinion of both!


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