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Ok, just wondering where in the chain is the best place to power up the Studio Channel?

1) Computer
2) Saffire Pro 40 Interface
3) Studio One 3 DAW
4) Studio Channel Pre Amp
5) Mix Control Software
6) V2 Monitor Station
7) KRK's ( Speakers)

My gear is rack mounted and everything is going through power conditioners in sequence. Basically some things are powered up on the units themselves while others (like my KRK's) are powere up by the conditioner's master switch.

My concern is that even with the corresponding volumes down to minimum on the Studio Channel and the Saffire it still registers a tiny spike on the interface meters when I power up.

Mac Mini (Late 2014)
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core I7
Memory: 16 GB
Presonus. Studio One Pro V5
Presonus Quantum
Line 6. BassPOD XT Pro
Hardware DBX 160a
Hardware DBX 160XT
GA. LA2A (clone)
GA. LA3A (clone)
WA76 1176 (clone)
WA EQP Pultec (clone)
Softube. Console 1 MKII
Presonus. Faderport 8 (dual)

"God's grace" :D

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