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The unit has an XLR input on the back for microphones and a 1/4 in input on the front for instruments. My set up makes it really inconvenient to access the back of the unit so I was wondering if it's a possibility to leave the XLR connected to the unit (but not a mic) while I'm using the instrument input?

Mac Mini (Late 2014)
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core I7
Memory: 16 GB
Presonus. Studio One Pro V5
Presonus Quantum
Line 6. BassPOD XT Pro
Hardware DBX 160a
Hardware DBX 160XT
GA. LA2A (clone)
GA. LA3A (clone)
WA76 1176 (clone)
WA EQP Pultec (clone)
Softube. Console 1 MKII
Presonus. Faderport 8 (dual)

"God's grace" :D
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by Maurguitarz on Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:28 pm
I too have a similar situation where is my Studio Channel is in a rack and get to the rear inputs and outputs is a real problem?
My plan is? or should I say was? to permanently connect the inputs and outputs to my patch bay so as I can route the inputs to a chosen destination such as routing a patch bay connected mic to the patch bay facing input leading into the rear input on the Studio Channel hence having front access to the Instrument Input! job done I said? "Not the Case??

After consulting with Presonus Tech Support, I was informed if connecting a Passive e.g. Guitar into the Instrument Input? the cables need to be disconnected from the rear inputs which are connected to my patch bay, and as for Instrument Input functionality and I am aware the TRS rear Line Input is for Active Instruments.
The User Manual informs >>> [Instrument Input. The ¼” TS connector on the front panel is for use with a passive instrument (guitar, bass, etc.). When an instrument is plugged into the instrument input, the microphone preamp is bypassed, and the Studio Channel becomes an active instrument preamplifier]

Im now confused???? If the Microphone Pre-Amp is bypassed when conecting to the Instrument Input? why do I need to disconect the rear input cables?.

This is impracticable? because in theory? when I want to record an Active Acoustic Guitar, I have to keep pulling out my rack unit to get into the back of the Presonus Studio Channel hence when connecting to Instrument Input, I then need to unplug the rear TRS Line Input cable????

I think having the power switch on the rear of unit is also a bad feature, otherwise its a great sounding Pre-Amp.
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by Maurguitarz on Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:47 am
Best solution I've come up with if Studio Channel is housed in rack and Line In is permanently coupled to Patch Bay? is to use the rear Line Input for both Active & Passive Acoustic Guitars / Bass and go through a D.I. Box for the Passive Guitars! Ok this renders the front panel Instrument Input useless if working with a rack Patch Bay configuration where is cables are permanently connected to Line In & Patch Bay!

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