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Still in planning stages here:

Is there a way to connect the USB port of a 32SC to multiple Windows computers?

We plan on pushing audio into the board via ProPresenter on one PC and then sending mixed audio out over livestream from another computer.

References in the manual just talk about a 1:1 computer connection to one PC/MAC and all examples show PC output and PC input all on one PC.

I think this means that you have to choose one of the two PCs for direct connect to the sound board and the other would have to integrate via an analog interface on the back of the unit?



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by wahlerstudios on Sun Jan 29, 2023 1:47 pm
Correct, audio via USB means one mixer and one computer only. That was not different in the times of FireWire. Therefore you must separate mix and livestream, but there are several options. One option is to do the livestream mix in the 32SC (linked aux mixes) and use two audio cables to get this mix to a small audio mixer, which is connected to the livestream computer via USB. This second mixer can be *anything* and even smaller than the smallest analog mixer made by PreSonus. Another option would be to add a Series III rack mixer (24R or 32R) and separate the livestream mix. You could also use a 16R rack mixer and send the livestream mix of the 32SC to the 16R. The 32SC and the rack mixer can be connected via just one simple CAT5e cable. It doesn't need an AVB switch.

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by SwitchBack on Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:04 pm
Another option is an AVB connection. A computer which is AVDECC compatible can join the AVB network. Many Apple computers are (provided that they are fitted with a Gigabit Ethernet port/adapter). A Windows machine needs Hive. Here's some stuff to read :)

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