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At ImmersiveDSP ( http://www.immersivedsp.com), we have recently made available an immersive sound application for StudioLive Series III devices. It is called ImmerGo-StudioLive and allows for the spatialisation of any inputs to a StudioLive device. These could be USB inputs from a DAW/wav file, analog inputs from voice/instruments or AVB/SD card inputs. The analog outputs play out the spatialised inputs to attached speakers.

ImmerGo allows you to graphically place your speakers, and to position/record the positions of sound sources using your Mac/Windows computer or a mobile device with a capable browser (i.e Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge). Immergo's spatialisation algorithms use the speaker positions and 3D source positions to determine signal processing settings within the StudioLive device. The signal processing is therefore performed by the StudioLive device, rather than the computer. Amongst other things this allows for low latency spatialisation. There can be multiple users, each controlling a different source or audio parameter from a mobile device. It also allows for simple scheduling.

The system was developed using a 64S, kindly loaned by Presonus. It was recently used in a sound installation with a 32R (https://www.immersivedsp.com/video/). The code has been written to control the full range of StudioLive devices, and has been thoroughly tested on the 64S and 32R.

There is an ImmerGo-StudioLive demo that is downloadable from the ImmersiveDSP site (together with manual and a demo working folder). This demo has all the functionality of the full system, but only allows for spatialisation of the selected channel. All other channels will be placed at the centre of the room. This can be used to test ImmerGo with your configuration.

Our hope is that this forum can provide suggestions for the continued development of ImmerGo-StudioLive. :)
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by richardfoss1 on Thu Feb 24, 2022 6:04 am
Something I meant to include in the post - if you download, install, and run the ImmerGo demo, you can also install the free ImmerGo app for your mobile device from the Apple app store or Google play store. This is the graphic ImmerGo control client - it runs in a browser, but its a lot easier to run the app than having to type in a url. On a mobile device you can control the position of a sound source in 2D by moving the source with your finger, and then you can tilt the mobile to get the third dimension. Note - you need an Ethernet connection from computer to StudioLive device for control, and a USB connection for audio. The downloadable manual contains all the details.
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by richardfoss1 on Tue Mar 15, 2022 3:13 am
It's great to see, from the number of views, the interest in immersive sound!

We will be continually adding the features of ImmerGo. A recent feature is 'granularity settings'. Rendering multichannel spatialisations to multiple speakers is processor intensive, and one of the reasons for making the StudioLive device perform the reverb and matrix mixing component of rendering, is to reduce the load on the computer (which might also be running a DAW with plugins). However, even with this in place, when there are a lot channels being spatialised intensively, there can be some 'lag' in spatial movement. The granularity sliders enable control over the cm movement changes, and speaker dB changes that will effect a change in speaker levels. Moving to slightly coarser levels fixes this lag. These sliders are in the 'Settings' section of ImmerGo, and further information can be obtained from the manual.

Other reasons for utilising the StudioLive devices for spatialisation processing are:
1. Any of the inputs to the StudioLive device (analog and digital) can be spatialised.
2. There is not the cost of an additional processor box.

Further features on the todo list are:
1. Allowing for the selection of additional spatialisation algorithms
2. Allowing for the drawing of spatialisation trajectories.

If there are any other features that you would like to see, please let me know.

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