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I recently purchased a Series III 32R, an SW5E, the Waves BR-1 and a Mobile server running Multirack v10. I am happy to report that this system works beautifully!

The BR-1 was pulled for revision, but Waves told me there was nothing wrong with the original and it would do what I wanted. I run at least 2 plugins per group (vocals, drum, instrument) and 5 on my main LR. I also run X-FDBK on monitors, the occasional channel insert, and PSE on all vocal channels. An average of 20 plugins at once... No latency, no drop-outs. Usually at less than 40% cpu usage. All of this on the Waves mobile server!!

After the "let down" of discontinuing the RM32, I didn't want to buy any more Presonus gear. Then I got a chance to actually hear one and the preamps are way better than the RM. The built-in reverbs are still a bit lame, but I've routed Waves R-verb into my FX A and FX B and it's awesome! I'm still a Presonus fan!!!
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by golishevsky on Mon Jun 21, 2021 7:41 am
I would really like to buy for myself sw5e but I'm not ready to pay a lot of money for an ordinary router or even an ordinary switch.
add the cost of the converter. Let's take into account the fact that the soundgrid works only with waves plugins, but I'm sure that instead of the soundgrid, you can use any host and insert plugins with zero latency.
now I use my MacBook, a network card, set the buffer to 64-128 and use the usual vst plugins. I need it, maybe I work with multichannel playback, + software processing with automation within the project. it's mostly vocals, but for in ear monitoring I use splits and send the vocalists a clear voice without delay. at 128 buffers, the delay is basically not noticeable, but it is still noticeable on percussion instruments.
what is the real delay of the soundgrid in this bundle? it is real. there can be no zero delay. and if you bring out a clean instrument even after the soundgrid, you can still hear from the transients that there is still a delay. a chorus effect occurs.
15 years ago, for this I used a multi-channel sound card through which I processed vocals, used cabsim from amplitudes and used hi gain amplifiers as emulation. It was fun, and most importantly, unusual, since most sound engineers at that time preferred to use analog equipment, but I have always disliked this anachronism. Yes, maybe the sound was better there. But not in real conditions, on small venues when all this creates a mess for the listener.

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