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Dear Presonus Team,
I worked 11 and a half hours straight in a setup of a SL32 and sound check at our Church.
I made a test recording in the SD Card with around 12 channels and the Main.
I saved my Project/Scene and SD Card save and close.
Next day, another sound check from SD Card recording; I pressed Sound Check button;
Load Mix and recording from SD Card, Recall, everything came up with all settings , BUT;
NO COMPRESSORS settings, lost all compressors, types and settings.
It came with the Compressor Standard OFF and default settings in ALL CHANNELS.
Working as I used to, getting everything from the SD Card and saving immediately to my scenes, All my hard work in the Compressors were LOST. So, I have to remember and work again in the settings for All Compressors in every Channel.
Is there any settings in the new firmware to save Compressor and all FatChannel settings that I am not aware about?
It used to be saved everything from the FatChannel to the SD Card, and I was able to import them to Studio One. Now I couldn't import any settings, just the audio tracks, no names.

Thank you very much in advanced for your big help.


Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4
Studiolive 32 series III firmware 2.01.16038
Studio One Pro
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by gierig on Tue May 07, 2019 6:34 am
Just check this for my own..

Manual 8.2 say
When the Load Mix button is active, the mix Scene stored with the session will also load. The parameters that are loaded are filtered according to the settings in the Scenes screen. For more information on creating and recalling mixer scenes, see Section 9.6.2

FW (actual beta)
Scene filter is select to load ALL (default setting)
When you Recall a SD session and select "Load MIX" it not load any FAT Channel settings
Mix/aux/Fader are OK. but do Dynamics settings.

Look like another Bug in the Project/Scene/Preset Handling.

On the SD Card all the Information are stored in the Setup File, so you could create
a Scene File from with work fine. So the Information are stored but not use during the load.

SL24III | SL16.4.2 | PA | Electronics | Bass | Mac | Logic x | Manual reader | to old to be fame
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by gierig on Fri May 24, 2019 4:05 am
Solved with FW2.1.16128
work now great

SL24III | SL16.4.2 | PA | Electronics | Bass | Mac | Logic x | Manual reader | to old to be fame

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