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Hi All, need your advise please.

I am using my SL32iii with S1.
I do have all my tracks routed into Busses - e.g. all Drum Track into my DRUM Bus, all Guitars into my GITS bus etc. All Busses route into my overall "MY MIX" bus - which ends up in my Main Out!
So, I'd like to route my busses also to my headphone amp.
All is cabled up:
I've got my Mix1/2 (Main) Out as -> Main Mix IN on the HP-Amp
Mix 3/4 (Drums) as -> IN 1 on the HP Amp
Mix 5/6 (Guitars) as -> IN 2 on the HP Amp
and so on ...
Question: how can I now assign my Busses to the physical outputs on my SL32iii?
It's pretty simple in Cubase but I'm struggling to get this sorted in S1.

Any hints are more than welcome!

many Thanks!
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by andrewverco1 on Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:12 pm
I’m wondering the exact same thing with my Studiolive16iii. I can get it all working when I’m not in DAW Mode because you have more access to the consoles features, however in DAW Mode some buttons are no longer are available for use so I’m stumped! I’ve been having my Main Out routed to the Tape (Ch 37/37 USB) which works, and I understand that Mix 9-16 buttons controll the level of your Cue Mix’s and the Mix 1-8 control the level of your sends. Like you, I want to know what to assign the output as for a Headphone Mix in S1 and then how to make that link to the physical Mix Output connections on the back of the console. Hopefully someone can help, the DAW mode addendum doesn’t go into this level of detail.

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by Trucky on Fri May 11, 2018 4:26 pm
Check out these resources:


Also Chapter 5.3 in the following doc:

https://pae-web.presonusmusic.com/downl ... 042018.pdf

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