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We use a 32R as a submixer for 30 handheld microphones in a choir, with the 32R placed on stage under the choir steps. I set up 3 outputs as groups, sending sporanos, altos and tenors as separate stems over an analog multi back to FOH.

All this works nicely.

What I strugle with is soloing/monitoring individual mics in my headset at FOH. So far I have used a separate Aux sent back to FOHfor this, with all micd set to 0db and muted. Then I can unmute individual mics and listen to those.

However: This makes it a bit convoluted to make adjustments based on what i hear, since I can only HEAR changes made in the aux mix, not in the subgroups itself. Say I want to tweak the eq of one particular singer - I must first set it up in the aux mix and then duplicate those settings on the main/group mix.

I have tried to find a way to route the solo-buss to one of the outputs, but I haven't been able to. Is there something I'm overlooking (besides from sending the signal from the headphone jack down the multi).

Or is that solution (sending the headphone out through a stereo DI and down the snake into FOH) not as silly as I think it is?
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by SwitchBack on Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:01 pm
Here's where you firmware version comes in. PreSonus is working on a digital patch option which should allow you to patch anything anywhere (my words). Maybe some of this has been in public beta already, so did you try the beta firmware? For the moment the public beta is closed so no chance to jump on now but my guess is that your solo patch option is coming soon.
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by sjc193 on Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:06 pm
I have many times run the headphone output down a multicore using a trs to XLR adapter on one end and an XLR to trs female on the other end, it will not be balanced so depending on the venue you might get noise, but I’ve done it a zillion times and it work perfectly.


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