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Thank you very much. This will be a great help!
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by jrgenschumacher2 on Thu Oct 28, 2021 4:23 am
One of the reasons to buy this mixer, was to make an efficient workflow, also with connection to Cubase 11.

Did I do wrong? It seams so.

Presonus is (at this time, and with my at this time available informations) not able to grant a close up connection to this DAW. When I am fail than please upgrade me as fast as possible

The reason might be, to sell and support their own DAW. Studio one. This is marketing based for shure,ok, but not even en vogue and not so much user friendly. The best thing of our music making supporting producing machines is their flexibility in use, this must tbe granted.

The Mixer is a very fine thing all in all, but when it has not the affordable flexibility it is a dissapointment in use. Leaving a lot of senseless time in space

Much more when you see the price of it. To use it only as an better soundcard in Cubase, without controlling the faders and the ther related functions witch f.e. MCU is a shame.

If there is anybody here who has made steps forward to connect Presonus 16.0.2 to Cubase let me know. Ok? Otherwise visit the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3001791380063448 for to make progress developments. This group should help and make suggestions to Presonuns to solve this Problem.
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by SwitchBack on Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:57 am
Hi and welcome to this forum :)

I have to say, a lot of what you’re writing is a bit unfair, don’t you think? PreSonus is under no obligation whatsoever to make the DAW mode on Series III console mixers work with a competitor’s DAW let alone make it grand. In order to make DAW mode work at full potential between the Series III mixers and Studio One PreSonus can work on both sides of the ‘link’. There’s a good match between the architectures already which is also an important part of making it work.

With competitor DAWs PreSonus can only work the mixer side to solve problems, which puts restrictions on what can be achieved there. In your case Steinberg has as much a part to play in this as PreSonus has.

And then consider that the Series III consoles are mixers first, interfaces second, and DAW control surfaces last. If DAW control is your priority one then you probably should have gone for a DAW controller rather than buy a mixer and then downplay that part of your purchase.

Last remark, but this may be a typo on your side: The 16.0.2 is not a Series III mixer. It never had and never will have a DAW mode. DAW mode is only available on Series III console mixers :)
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by janingeiversen on Thu Apr 07, 2022 3:38 am
Still nothing???
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by daniloleone1 on Tue Nov 22, 2022 7:03 am
I understand the marketing but hoping that a user changes DAW that maybe he's been using for years because of the mixer is a gamble.
I await the integration with Cubase hopefully.
It would make a nice Christmas present. :D

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