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Is there any way to use either Universal control or some other application to build scenes for the Series 3 StudioLive 32 board (Non-AI) and import those in once I'm back at my console? Using the demo mode of UC only gives the options for the AI board.

I apologize in advance if this was already answered in a previous post.
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by wahlerstudios on Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:14 pm
No, there is no external "editor" and I don't think that UC Surface will ever receive programming features. Do you know how many products are using UC Surface? I think it's somewhere around 20 to 25 products, which all are different, sometimes dramatically different. I have seen that the iPad demo of UC Surface deals with a legacy product, the RM/RML32AI (both rack mixer are not available in the big shops Germany any longer) and I know which functions are missing. You can not link channels or auxes, for example. On the other hand you can load your own scenes of RM16AI or RM32AI in demo UC...

I know that other manufacturers have editors, but none of them has an editor for a range of 20 and more products. The idea of PreSonus of using a common surface for all products was and is good, it just always needs information which only a specific mixer or interface can supply. UC surface configures its layout and functionality automatically according to the connected device. It was said that UC Surface will also support the new personal mixers, so a UC Surface demo does need quite some abstraction.

But UC Surface should not make people feel dealing with an "old" product. People need to feel the fascination of the latest & greatest... :idea:

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Thanks for the reply. I agree that there is a lot to support but especially for the Series 3 boards, there really should be some method to build scenes without needing the board. It would make building a show in my theater a lot faster by doing it outside of normal rehearsals and then just importing.

But one can only dream.

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