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Hey all.

I just posted a new walkthrough on how to build the workflow I use to combine the Faderport 8/16 with the Channel and Track filtering function along with Macros and Keyboard shortcuts. I've been asked in my videos to describe how to create this workflow, so here it is:

https://www.blades.technology/music/daw ... -shortcuts

Drummer and Singer mostly with some limited Guitar/Bass/Keys and a love for tech.
My personal website, with some useful videos and other music related things: https://blades.technology

Self-built i7 8700k/16gb/all SSD, S1 4 Pro, +Sonar Platinum/Cakewalk by Bandlab, PreSonus Studio 18|24 USB, Faderport 8, Tranzport, Edirol PCR-800, Pearl Mimic Pro and Roland V-Drums kit & Console 1 with SSL4000e + British Class A..

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