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SOLVED - Faderport 16 w Logic Pro X 10.5.1

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 8:39 am
by geoffduncan
Just wanted to post this in case other LPX / FP16 users were having the same trouble I was having.

Since updating, I could no longer use Pan (either from the knob or the Fader Pan mode), Solo and Mute clear no longer worked, and various other features were no longer functioning.

i ended up flashing the FP16 back to 2.02 and now everything works perfectly.

It seems like the UC / Firmware updates beyond 2.02 break the Faderport's Logic Pro x 10.5.1 functionality - but with 2.02 all features work correctly.

Including Solo clear, the panning functionality (from both the parameter knob and the fader 'Pan' function)

Here's what I did to fix -

- download UC 2.9.2 (the ''About Universal Control' shows version built Oct 19,2018)
- update firmware to v2.02
- power cycle the unit.
- select Logic mode.
- power cycle the unit.

Now it's working perfectly again.

Hope this helps someone! All the best


Re: SOLVED - Faderport 16 w Logic Pro X 10.5.1

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 9:49 am
by laurentparisi
Hi , lucky you, also the midi mode ? seems that in midi mode , fader don't send cc in logic 10.5.1 unless you "ignore surface control" ...