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I know the company line on this. Faderport is a DAW controller, not a replacement for a console. And it's not difficult to see why this is Presonus' position when they make and market a very successful line of consoles--no company wants to compete with itself. With that said, I'm curious--is there anybody else here willing to keep bugging them to make at least a few UC Surface functions mappable to the User buttons on the FP? Not talking full functions here, just a few options maybe...the Talkback button springs instantly to mind...

It does bring up an interesting point. If all UC Surface functions can be mapped to a tablet via network control, couldn't a few of them be mapped to Faderport via the serial bus? It does kind of open the floodgates, though--get one or two functions talking and suddenly everyone will want fader control.

Just thinking out loud here, please don't shout at me. But wouldn't it be fun to wake up one morning and see UC Surface as an option when you do a Select/Select power on?


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