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Hi, tried to open a support ticket but the light-box window was screwing up and the submit button wouldn't work anyone shed any light on this?

Currently demoing studio one thinking about switching from reaper. I have a FP16 and original fader port hooked up.

I'm also auditioning a new apollo x6 on Windows 10 through TB3 and trying to isolate some popping/clicking issues.

One thing I noticed is that in the MIDI monitor it is constantly sending messages to the FP16 and original fader port. Is this normal behavior?

message is A0 00 00 Description is PolyPressure being sent to the FP16 basically one per second. See screenshot.

Just wondering if this is normal?


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by robreid1 on Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:33 pm
See this pic for what it is doing with the regular FP plugged in as well.


Just constantly streaming midi data to em, maybe it's normal, just seems weird to me.
In my S1 setup using the FP8 I have this as well. I have often wondered the same, but I think its the other way around: FP8 is sending MIDI data to the DAW (matter of perspective I guess). Based on the message, I’d have to make a guesstimate it is related to the touch sensitivity of the FP8.

But thats really just my guess. In short: perfectly normal, and didn't cause any issues for me in nearly 1 year of use. I just use the Midi Monitor filter options to not show them when watching what comes in.

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