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using Ableton Live a lot of the buttons do not have a function and I have not seen an update for the drivers for quite some time. Support did not react to an inquiry I sent when I bought the unit quite some time ago.

It appears that the following buttons just do nothing or something wrong:
- Arm All (Shift+Arm)
- Bypass (+ Shift function) does nothing
- Macro (+ Shift function) does nothing
- Link (+ Shift function) does nothin
- Solo Clear always invert solo of first channel
- Mute Clear always inverts mute of first channel
- Edit Plugins does nothing (beside turning select buttons yellow)
- Audio (+ Shift function) does nothing
- VI (+ Shift function) does nothing
- Bus (+ Shift function) does nothing
- VCA (+ Shift function) does nothing
- "All" kinda works but seems to give the same view as Sends
- Trim does nothing
- Off does nothing
- Click does not work
- Marker does not do somethinf sensible
- Section does not jump to locators
These are at least doing something:
- Latch shows and hides the clip view
- Touch shows and hides the browser
- Read changes Clip to Arrangement view
and so on... (some shift functions do some other weird stuff as well)

More simple: Transport controls, faders, individual select, mute and solo and the ARM menu seem to work. Master, zoom and scroll do at least a function near to what you would expect. The rest is dead or does something completely different (which could be okay if you could change it or it would make a bit more sense).

Indeed I use the Logic profile as it was told by the docs. Is this what is supposed to be the advertised Ableton support? Or is my unit broken?

Any help would be great.


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