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? Question on Mackie Control mode on Faderport (8).
Vegas Pro supports the faderport as an external controller and says to put the faderport in "Mackie control Mode".
That said...when choosing the modes (other than studio one) you are only give the option of Logic, Cubase, or Sonar. Needless to say, neither of them work to be detected in Sony Vegas.. HUI I understand is for ProTools.
Is there just a "plain" Mackie Control mode...or am I missing something...or it just doesn't work? In my device list in Vegas, it DOES list the faderport as an option. Just can't get it to be recognized.
Anyone else have any success with a video program? There's a YouTube video showing with Adobe Premier...but it's old enough, it doesn't show the CURRENT list on the Faderport when you fire it up (holding the two buttons, etc).
Help ??

StudioCat: i7-4770k @ 3.5GHz, 16 GB RAM, Win10 x64
PreSonus : Studio One V3.x; Faderport 8

YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtG56H ... PKPbaG1_CQ

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