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Hi all.

I guess (and hope) it's all me and my setup, but I can't get the midi mode to work with standard CC setup for other instruments than Presence.
I see that faderport is sending correct CC values to Studio One in the MIDI monitor.
(Fader 1 = Modulation (CC1)) etc.

But how do I set up for instance Spitfire Audio - BBC Orchestra Core or Kontakt to always map to the default CC values on the Faderport ?

I can do MIDI Learn and manually map, but have to do that on EVERY instance of every instrument (except Presence)

Please help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope :D

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by sebastiaantiehuis on Mon Mar 27, 2023 10:35 am

I also had some frustrating weeks getting this to work with my Kontakt and Spitfire instruments.
Even had open a support ticket to no avail...

I found the solution...

1. You have to setup the FaderPort midi mode as a new keyboard as advertised.
2. Only use midi channel 1 (NOT all midi channels)
3. DO NOT use midi learn. This way the "Control Link" will take over and the CC's will not get through to the instruments. If you used midi learn, remove the faderport midi mode from the system and set it up anew.
4. Set the track to "All Inputs", so for instance your keyboard AND the faderport will send the data to that track.
5. Make sure the monitoring is "on" for the track you want to record.
6. Voila!

I got the inspiration from this article: https://my.presonus.com/support/article ... 3331228045

Hope this helps!

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