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channel #2 not working

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:32 pm
by fisher43
Hi, I just recently bought a used blue tube v2. Brought it home and everything seemed to be working fine. I was getting some line interferance (a buzz or hum of some sort) so I began to switch out cables for that channel. I recall removing the xlr for channel 2 from the output and noticed the lights turn off so that it appeared to turn off, within seconds it came back on and from that point forward the 2nd channel has not worked. I opened up the box see if anything looked off with the circuitry but found that everything looked fine. channel one works great and has a quiet and clean signal. Any Ideas what might be wrong with my 2nd Channel? Im hoping there might be a quick and easy fix to this. perhaps theres something wrong with the tube. Please respond with suggestions! Thanks