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Recommendations for a good line filter?

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:23 am
by jamesdekle
I have a severe 60hz hum whenever I have this or other video equipment plugged into the wall. Tried many different outlets and the hum remains. Probably abysmal wiring and grounding issues I'm told causing a ground loop.
PreSonus recommends a line conditioner which I have used before to smooth power spikes but not for any audio solutions like this.
My question is what would you recommend as the specs for a line conditioner over and above the KVA rating? APC/Tripp/Panamax all make units that will tackle the problem at different price points and with different specs. Some, like APC don't appear to tell you much other than "Buy me" for tech specs so what it offers is a bit fuzzy... others, show filtering of RFI, maybe these units all do, you can't tell from the specs on most.
So, what should I look for and have any of you used a line conditioner to solve a ground loop hum?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!