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Uh, What's Going On? ADL 600 Not Available?

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:55 pm
by pauldecesare
Most of your stores such as Sweetwater and Musiciains Friend are now stating that the ADL 600 is no longer available. There's a rumor that PreSonus is considering discontinuing the 600 (OK, more than a rumor, I called PreSonus and the person fessed up that it's being discussed). How could anybody with a sane mind inside the walls of PreSonus actually decide something like this? Look on the main shopping sites, a couple third party sellers on Amazon are now listing theirs between $2200 and $3800. They're already price gouging.

PreSonus, if you actually see these posts, step back for a second, breath some fresh air, and make yourself realize how bad this idea is. Some of us have been saving towards a grand unit like this for our home studios, and now they're gone? Please tell me I'm a complete idiot and totally wrong. Maybe you're revealing the ADL 600 MKII at NAMM. But please don't just cut it off, give us a year to buy what we can... thanks.