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in s1 4 i choose device block size of 256 samples and it show output latency is 375 samples in S1 prefs

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 12:36 pm
by bennyr1
Is there a way that latency is really 256 samples ?. when choose 512 samples it is 551 samples. so with 512 samples is less additional samples add. when choose 64 device block size output latency is show with 110 samples. only when choose 256 samples so many samples are add.

for record and monitoring 375 samples is a little high. choose 128 device block size give 198 output latency. this give sometimes crackle, because i want stay with energymanage plan balanced in windows. when i switch to highest, i get no crackle, but CPU use lots more power and get hotter and louder after some time. Best when can reach 256-275 samples output latency.

but how i can do it ?. is there a way to reduce the diffrence in sample between device block and output latency ?. have other PC diffrent values ? . My PC is fast