StudioLive AR8, AR12 and AR16 Hybrid Mixers
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Help Please !!
I have a Presonus AR12 USB mixer. Works fine.
I have Shure PSM 200 in-ear monitors. Works fine.

Unfortunately, our bass player passed away recently and he was the only one in the band that knew the technical stuff. Yeah, I should have paid attention, but never saw this coming.

Can anyone please help me figure out to connect the in-ears?
There are 2 TSR cables coming out of the front of the Transceiver. (I left as is after his death)
I could have sworn he connected those cables to the mixer under my vocal & guitar mic inputs, but I'm not getting any sound in my ears. So I connected one of the cables to Aux Mon 1 and getting sound. Our drummer has been using a separate box into Mon 2 with normal headphones.
In the past I've always had separate volumes for my vocals & guitar. The way I'm doing it now gives me only one volume.

Hope this makes sense. If anyone can help please keep it simple.

Thanks !!

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