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Hello, at first i am french so there might be a few mistakes on my post, if so i apologize:

So i recently bought an Ar16usb2 mixer, registered to my and downloaded the UC1.8.1 file to my computer ( windows7 with Sp1 and 64bit).

And my problem is pretty simple, when i linked the mixer and turned the power on,
my pc does'nt recognize it, (not recognized by UC1.8.1 either)

i went on my "control panel" and checked the "devices and printer" folder, the mixer is recognized as a sound device but it says there is an issue with the driver and that's all !

in addition, i might have done something wrong right from the start:

when i received the mixer i did'nt check the manual first and i plugged it to my pc right from the start, which obviously did'nt work.

also the pc i use in my studio is'nt connected to internet, i am typing this post on my laptop.

Thanks for your time.
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by matthewgorman on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:28 am
Try to run the un-installer for UC 1.8.1, then re-download and install 1.8.1. Take note during the installation, that there is a dialog that pops up asking what driver you want to install. Make sure that the AR driver is selected, and finish the install. Do not plug in the mixer via USB until the installation has finished, and PC has re-booted.

See if that helps.


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