StudioLive AR8, AR12 and AR16 Hybrid Mixers
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Running Mac OS 10 .8.5

I have computer audio settings as follows: audio in is set to studio ar mixer
Audio out is set head phone out in which I have 1/8 cable running from computer in ar mixers channel 17/18.

Studio one sound source is set to ar mixer I can record signal fine but is un audible through my monitors or headphones

Signal input and out is showing in studio one just no output from speakers.

In studio when I change audio source to computer internal I can hear recorded track but unable to record with that configuration.

I have also tried setting computer audio in and out to ar 16 and that does not resolve issue . Current version of studio one 3 pro is insatalled.

Any one have this issue ? Thanks
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by joemerola on Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:09 pm
Wow! What a knob. Resolved issue . Usb/Sd return was issue. Pressed button to return usb
Studio one 3 audio interface set to AR 16. Computer audio preferences set input =. Studio live AR 16 and output = headphones

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