StudioLive AR8, AR12 and AR16 Hybrid Mixers
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I've been successfully using a StudioLive AR16 USB connected to an iMac for over a year. Yesterday it worked ok, this morning I have a problem.

With nothing connected to the mixed except speakers and power cord, and all sliders at their lowest level - then with MAIN moved beyond unity there is a faint pulsing sound - at about 8 beats per second.

With the MAIN level low (e.g. 30) the pulsing cannot be heard, but if the level for ST17/18 is advance to 30 the pulsing can be heard much louder than before. No other channels make any difference.

When the pulsing can be heard loud, changing USB/SD Card from USB to "SD Card" appears to make the pulsing go away, but if you then increase MAIN towards maximum the pulsing returns, but much more quietly.

If the mixer is turned on while attached by USB to the iMac, the computer does not recognise it.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Is there an easy fix?
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by johnbarr1 on Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:17 am
Also, I can play through other channels. As long as the MAIN volume is not very high the pulsing is not audible.

But the existence of the pulsing at higher volumes, and the fact that the mixer won't connect to my computer remain significant problems.
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by tommasovercesi on Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:45 am
I have exactly same issue playing from SD card (channel 7/8 on my AR8)
Recording on SD card is clean, checked separately. Issue is on playing, not recording.
All other channels muted
Any suggestion is welcome.

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