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Being a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 user from the first hour, this week i've expanded my setup with the ADL 700 1-Channel High Voltage Channel Strip from PreSonus and, you need to hear their flagship unit in action!
I did the beatprogramming & called my Friend Sola van Motman to layer some bass on it, which we tracked with the ADL 700. Let us know if you recognize the funk :mrgreen:
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Front-end Tube reinforcement arrived in my studio

The ADL 700 is a boutique-quality preamp; a custom-designed FET compressor and a custom, four-band, semi-parametric EQ.
Distinctive Class A, discrete dual-transformer design that incorporates two 6922 and one 12AT7 vacuum tubes per channel, operating with ±300V power rails.

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