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(Note: by "Newbie" I mean, "new on this forum.")

Hi everyone!

I've had a recurring problem with my Inspire 1394 (not GT) where, when I boost a signal from my large diaphragm condenser, I hear some very faint, high-pitched, rapid "morse-code" chirps. I have phantom power and Boost both turned on, or I get an inordinately low signal strength. 48v I'm okay with (of course); Boost creates some other weird noises.

I honestly can't rule out fan noise from my computer, but it seems really odd to me that fan could be doing this. I've got the mic in an isolation box so, while it's not in another contained room, it should be cancelling out most of the computer noise. No drive noise--I've installed a solid state hard drive, though the fan does run pretty strong. (I've installed smcFanControl and can verify it's running at Default setting, not Higher RPM.)

I'm not sure what else I could tell you that would be helpful, so please feel free to ask questions and I'll be forthcoming. I've enclosed a short sound file with me checking but leaving enough "air" to hear the noise; I've also enclosed an image of what the waveform looks like In Logic X. Notice the apparent noise in a room completely devoid of sound, except for the computer fan. (I'm thinking this MUST be my problem, but need some verification.)

Thanks for any flashes of brilliance. (BTW, let me know if the audio isn't working. It plays fine on my computer, but when played in Soundcloud, I got nothing... which is odd, since Soundcloud rendered a wave form that indicates it recognized the sound file as such...)
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