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5.1 routing issue UC - 192

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:13 am
by brandonperry4
Studio 192. Pro Tools Ultimate. Speakers directly out of 192.

Looks like I have an interface output routing issue. I need the outputs of the 192 to work for 5.1. ProTools ultimate doing just fine with the I/O and meters.

I have seen many issues on this forum with Universal Control but when using it output(speakers) are paired just fine. But when pro tools pans to a certain speaker it doesn’t correspond to the proper output on Presonus. ProTools shows Center channel only and my LR will play.
Lots of threads out here suggesting bypassing the mixer on UC kills everything…no audio at all. And if I turn speaker control off routing is not correct either.
Seems if I could just get into the 192 preferences I could correct the outputs but that’s not a thing right?