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Need some help.
Digimax DP88 connected to Studio 192 using two ADAT cables.
Studio 192 with internal clock
Digimax using ADAT clock
Plugged a microphone into INPUT 1 Digimax
Leds are working, but there is NO SOUND arriving to Studio 192. UC Surface do not show any fader working for ADAT Input 1
Tried 6 different ADAT cables
Both units at 44.1K
Studio 192 works fine with their on inputs, BUT when adat cables connected, SOUND FROM DIGIMAX is dead!
Never saw this problem. Few days ago, my Studio 192 received a new FIRMWARE UPDATE.
The way I connected cabales IS CORRECT. Tested 6 pairs of cables. Tested also with BNC cables.
The only problem I am suspecting comes from the Studio 192 ADAT problem.
Does anyone here saw this problem before?
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by bastian.brosenne on Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:16 am
Same problem here. I opened an older project in which I had used those extra channels so I'm sure everythings setup in Studio One correctly. I no longer hear any sound from those instruments running through the dp88, while everything that's plugged into the 192 just works fine.

Is this a firmware issue? Could it be related to the upgrade to Studio One 5 or the discontinuation of the dp88?

Would like to see some kind of response here!
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by patrickmorton1 on Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:51 pm
Same boat here I've been scratch my head for a while now, lmk if you find anything that helps

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