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I wanted to drop into the Studio 192 one final time and express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation.
One I know that I am a wordy poster and that I have expressed some frustration in much of my posting. I expect more for my money and I am pretty sure I have a unit with some hardware level issues. It took forever to convince Tech Support of that fact, and I am still trying to recover from all the troubleshooting I did. and I am considering just starting over again, because I still have the PreSonus stuff embedded in my current setup.
- And Now for Some Rambling On"
I did learn quite a lot through this tortuous season of tech pain. Most significantly is the lack of concern that companies in the Audio Manufacturing industry have for the consumer/customer. In the process I learned that it can take a company literally years to release a driver that works. Apple Users get the red carpet but MS Windows users, they are an afterthought. Which is just absurd. How can a company consider themselves profitable if ignore the "bea good human" side of the profit equation? Does it take that long to create and test drivers? Nope.. Does it cost that much to get good drivers made? Not significantly - Easily made up with the sale of a few devices. Especially when considering the profit margins on these devices. They are well over 70% in some cases. We can get a 200 computer that plays music all day long but we can't get a $900 device connected to that computer to do the same exact thing? hmmmm smells like something and it ain't roses. - Even the Guy who built the ASIO4ALL driver will hire himself out to create drivers. It's a cost, yes, and it would appear that just about every seller/manufacturer of Audio Interface equipment is not willing to pay that cost. They are only willing to pay for "good enough" - Keeping the MS Windows users just slightly happy with a carrot on a stick and the promise of an update - some time in the future.
I would bet if we went out and spent $900 on a phone, we'd expect that phone to do everything it is advertised to do. If it doesn't. The outcry would be immense.

Not in this world of audio interfaces - In this world if you want stability and true productivity you have to spend $2700 to get a good driver with your hardware. Something is definitely bassackwards in the Audio/Recording manufacturing world and it would appear consumers could care less.

Just had to make one last stab and then and bid thee farewell - May the Music Move - May the Intensity Inspire - May the Blessed be Blessed

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Goodbye Blue Sky - Goodbye
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